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Wasbar launch party-an inspiration story day

The rumors, the gossip, the WOM did it’s job months before we even could see what the fuzz was all about!

Some guys in Ghent planed to make a new style ‘wasserette with bar’ and it was going to be the bom!

With a buzz like that the expectations were VERY high, and when I heard that design agency Pinkeye was involved in the scenery it could’ get any better. Ruud, Luc and the others would certainly do a splendid job.

I spotted the new venue to my client Eskimo (an authentic Ghent based night and underwear label-yeah,the one with the Eskimo and Pinguin logo) and they did join in as one of the early bird sponsors of Wasbar!

 copyright Arne Jennard/ Pinkeye

What about the venue, what about the was bar concept, what about the party?

Well, in one word: DE MAXX!

Dries Henau and Yuri Vandenbogaerde, the head and heart of this Wasbar idea jumped in their best suit (nice choice, guys!), talked to the press, did some interviews for TV and played perfect host.

Saskia of The Wicked PR gathered an eclectic mix of Ghent and Antwerp based crowd, that blended well together.
The vibe was good, the band Zinger that won the last edition of ‘De Beloften’ gave a great kick off concert and there was more than enough cava, beer and fun people.

copyright Arne Jennard/ Pinkeye

copyright Kate Stockman

I like the Wasbar design, it’s not pretentious, it feels homy in a way, with a ‘new retro’ touch. I love the handcrafted logo, the wash bags, the mix of new up cycled furniture and the washed off colors.

The omni present sanserveria’s are not my thing, maybe I saw one too many in other design concepts. But hey, thats a detail.

copyright Arne Jennard/ Pinkeye

Check out the washing machines, they all have names of grandparents.

There was a Facebook contest to choose the best names.

My grandma’s name was Aleidis, great name though, but the chosen ones fitted more the retro concept: enter den Marcel, ons Mariette or La Juliana.

Electrolux had the privilege to deliver the high-tech machines, wash-virgins find loads of tips & advice on the walls or on Samsung tablets and Ecover takes (eco)care of your laundry dirt. Nice detail: also dry cleaning and ironing service are provided!

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, there is also ‘coiffeur de maison‘ Olivier, who cuts, blows and styles your hair while your laundry gets clean. Olivier uses the Steampod, the steam iron for hip hairstylists. So ladies who like a ‘one-hour- quicky’, you know where to go.

Mum’s all over Flanders will notice that there is a new spot in town! No longer they will need to wash the laundry of their students in the weekend, as the kids found their favorite spot to do it themselves.

Sometimes we just need one brilliant idea, to change the mentality of a generation.

Nederkouter 109 – 9000 Gent
0478 272 360


Opening hours


A wash session at WASBAR costs €0,15/min, let’s say the average price at a normal wasserette, but here Ecover products are included, what makes a big difference.

Special days like ‘man day’, do-day, or even a brunch day on Sunday make  sure that you have a reason everyday to pop in, even if you don’t have dirty undies….

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