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Hillary Clinton president

Hillary for president, it’s about time!

Normally I don’t do politics on the Squid Stories blog. But today I have a feeling, 2 days before the most important election day in the U.S, I can not stand here and not speak up. The Squid Stories reports on contemporary culture and never before the U.S. presidency election was  a more accurate reflection on what is happening in the world today. Let’s face it, we are 2 days away from a (possible) world historical day: the day that for the first time a woman is elected President of the United States. But instead of people celebrating for this memorable hole in the bullet proof glass roof of power, we never witnessed a more ridicule battle between two candidates who could not be more wrong for each other. About Donald we can be brief: he is not suited to lead one of the biggest powers in the world. Point. But why is the choice so hard? Why are we still worried in Europe (and the rest of the world) that Hillary might not win next week? Yes, …

POP by Stella McCartney

POP by Stella McCartney. Image of the day #21

A new concept for a new upcoming target group: POP by Stella McCartney is the scent for the new generation of Stella girls; independent but strengthened by their togetherness. It is an adventure, a spirit. It is about capturing the moment when you find yourself and come into your own. The story continues in the campaign film shot by Melina Matsoukas. Indie pop musician Grimes, Lola Leon (the daughter of Madonna), black rights activist and Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg and animal rights focused model Kenya Kinski-Jones trail blaze on a journey of discovery in the California dessert. POP by Stella McCartney is for a new group of girl power with a ‘let’s do this’ attitude, rooted in authenticity, friendship and individuality. Promoting self-acceptance and positive mutual support, the campaign offers a refreshing alternative to the occasionally divisive atmosphere of body shaming and the unfiltered opinion-sharing that currently exists on social media. According to McCartney, each one arrived on set with her own distinctive beauty signature, from Grimes’s Rainbow Brite dye job and Stenberg’s cloud of curls to Leon’s extended-tip French manicure …

Real woman bleed….

I don’t know what happened lately, but the trend of being more honest, real and transparent is also liberating an ‘old’ but very dominating taboo, the one of menstruation. Sure we all know it’s blue (if we believe the advertising agencies) but times are changing. First of all in advertising land itself. Is it thanks to a bold, brave client (and a staff part female leaders perhaps) who insisted to cut the crap and sow things as they are? Well this is certainly the case with this campaign. HelloFlo, a US based tampon subscription service became famous for defying the ad norms around feminine hygiene (no mysterious blue liquid pouring from a glass beaker into a maxi-pad here). It started with this long-form spot called ‘The Camp Gyno’ that is full of great lines and comic visuals, as it tells the amusing story of a pre-teen girl who’s the first to get her period at summer camp, and who uses that milestone to become popular—despotic, even—as she dispenses products and advice almost like she’s dealing drugs. …

Li Edelkoort, the Anti Fashion Manifesto.

I always was a fan of Li Edelkoort. From the moment I heard her speak for the first time, years ago on a future summit, I found her inspirational and at that time influential on fashion colors, prints and fabrics. Her trend books were bought, also at that time, by the biggest fashion & lifestyle brands, to base their designs on for the next coming years. Lidewij Edelkoort, born in the Netherlands in the 50ties, founded the established trend forecasting company TRENDUNION based in Paris. She and her team advise fashion companies and consumer brands around the world. Time magazine named her once one of the 25 most influential people in fashion. So Li highly influential?  For sure, but I could not help myself thinking that this was a system of ‘self fulfilling prophecies’. If everybody buys your directions, it is logic that it is a question of time that these predictions/inspirations are all over the streets.