About Me

Hi, my name is Kate Stockman.


I am a creative,
intuitive thinker & trend forecaster who believes in
cross-disciplinary solutions. I always had multiple sensors, ‘aerials’ or ‘antennas’ as I call them, to feel what’s going on in the world,
what is coming and why.
From fashion, over design, food, modern art, communication to psychology, nightlife and science connected with nature. It always felt natural.
That’s why I founded my own creative trend company Katestockman.com, strategy firm Stockmanverstraete and this blog.

The Squid Stories is an interdisciplinary blog magazine focusing on the interaction between design, art, fashion, shops, travel, communication and developments in consumer behavior.

If I look at art, fashion, design and food trends, all signs evolve in the same direction. We are trying to restore society with all the means we have. That’s good news.

The Squid Stories tries to catch urban and rural vibes on contemporary culture that surrounds us.
Founded in 2009, the blog started as a diary/playground/time capsule to document my inspiration-filled days and took a next step in 2014 towards Kate’s weekly report on contemporary culture.