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The fabulous Fosbury & Sons workplaces

We all know the feeling. A last minute meeting in another town and no place to go. Yes, there are the horrible hotel lobby’s near the highway with expensive parkings, uninspired ‘design’ and bad coffee, or you join the local hipsters in a crowded & noisy coffee bar. Or take the new co-working spots: Nice, sometimes, but closed at 6 pm, no parking and not open for the typical nomad who rarely stays at one place fix. When traveling you do find great places to meet, brainstorm & work. Together with others, in a contemporary setting, with good coffee, healthy food and free wifi. Sometimes you pay for your workstation/meeting room like at Citizen M Hotels (London), and sometimes you work for free plus a drink (like in the lobby of the hip & happening Ace Hotel (Shoreditch London). Why was it so hard to find something inspirational in my region? Till I got a phone call from my friend Maarten Van Gool, a colleague from my advertising past. He had big news: he started together with partner Stijn Geeraerts and  project developer Serge Handcart of …

Objects of desire.

When I visited the Dutch Design Week last year you could not deny it, there was an undeniable presence of sex objects, concepts and design thoughts about sexuality (or the lack of it ) in the air. The most noticed was the work by Eindhoven Design Academy graduate Baas Buijs. He got international attention with his remarkable men sex toy Satyr ( think a bright pink torso kind of ‘blob’ that can be mounted like a vaulting horse, found in a gym). Buijs also created a beautiful hand-blown glass vibrator, that can be winded up like a clock. (the object is so well made that it could be left on your coffee table, without disturbing any visitor.) Baas wanted to bring sex toys out of the dark and create a new feeling around it. He claims lust is a natural feeling like hunger or thirst and objects people use to indulge should not be hidden away. As always with the students of the Design Academy, the project is presented as a commercial brand, with striking …

Hubert Duprat, insects build gold flake and pearl cocoons.

It can’t be denied that insects, though not a popular topic of conversation in most cases, are becoming increasingly more popular in various aspects of our (not so) daily life. Although usually brought up in conversations as a new source of protein, Hubert Duprat saw a more aesthetic purpose for this crawly creatures. I first got in contact with Duprats work at the exposition of international fashion designer Dries Van Noten at the MOMU in Antwerp. Dries shows all his art, fashion, music and other inspirations in relation with his collections and Duprat was one of them. I was really intrigued and started some research on this artist’s work.