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The Tourist_Image of the day #24

This image-of-the-day I shot during a visit at the very strong expo Robotlove during the Dutch Design Week.

It catches by attention by it’s beauty, it’s innocence and it’s possibility. The figure is called ‘The Tourist’ and is the work of Dutch artist Margriet van Breevoort. She uses her hyperrealistic sculptures to seduce the viewer to believe in something impossible. The Tourist is the reminiscent of a traveler from a distant world, lost in the here and now. The figure seems to be amazed at the grand and complex world in which we live today. Where does the tourist come from and to what world does she belong? In the light of what is possible today, The Tourist is a reflection of a impending reality.

Another work at from the same artist, shown at Robotlove is The Waiting, a humanoid walrus waiting quietly on a bench. The sculpture makes us wonder: what is normal in the world with endless possibilities? Intriguing no?

Much more to come on Robotlove and the Dutch Design Week in the next coming weeks!



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