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The Tourist_Image of the day #24

This image-of-the-day I shot during a visit at the very strong expo Robotlove during the Dutch Design Week. It catches by attention by it’s beauty, it’s innocence and it’s possibility. The figure is called ‘The Tourist’ and is the work of Dutch artist Margriet van Breevoort. She uses her hyperrealistic sculptures to seduce the viewer to believe in something impossible. The Tourist is the reminiscent of a traveler from a distant world, lost in the here and now. The figure seems to be amazed at the grand and complex world in which we live today. Where does the tourist come from and to what world does she belong? In the light of what is possible today, The Tourist is a reflection of a impending reality. Another work at from the same artist, shown at Robotlove is The Waiting, a humanoid walrus waiting quietly on a bench. The sculpture makes us wonder: what is normal in the world with endless possibilities? Intriguing no? Much more to come on Robotlove and the Dutch Design Week in the next …

Bill Cunningham. Image of the day #20

I’ve always loved iconic street photographer Bill Cunningham, who captured candid historical records of New Yorkers’ changing sense of fashion for nearly 40 years.  Bill worked for the New York Times and the legend died Saturday, June 25 at age 87. “He was using his camera to document not just how people dressed, but who they were.” said Richard press, director of “Bill Cunningham New York” . If you want to know what the second half of the 20th century looked like fashion wise, turn to Bill Cunningham’s photographs. It’s been said that even Vogue Queen Anna Wintour hoped to be snapped by Cunningham because once Bill snapped a photo of you, it was a huge honor. (And you knew you’d become part of his legendary story.) He’ll be missed. Later! Kate          

Kanye West Famous music video. Image of the day #19

Normally I don’t do posts about celebs, but this image had to make it to my ‘Image of the day’ shortlist. When I first saw this hilarious still from Kanye West’s latest video ‘Famous’ I couldn’t believe my eyes. What was he thinking and God knows why he pulled this off? Kanye debuted this video with a special viewing party the 24th of June and appeared to invite potential lawsuits over it 24 hours later. Kanye, controversial but al least remarkable when it comes to branding and marketing,  know’s how to shock and loves it. This time he created a video of several wax re-creations of celebrities including Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Rihanna, Chris Brown and his own wife Kim Kardashian, laying naked in bed beside him. From Swift we know he hates her guts and West uses every opportunity to piss her off (even more). “It’s not in support or anti any of …”[the people in the video] West explains to Vanity Fair, “it’s a comment on fame.” Kanye ‘shelled out $750,000’ just for the nude wax figures in the Famous video and must …

The Squid Stories image of the day #10.

My ‚image of the day’ is a series of ‚images of the day’ by Mike Mellia. Mike also posts each day a picture of himself in a series that has the name „ A selfie a day keeps the doctor away’. Ah, a series of selfies’ you think. Right. You could call them selfies, but in the old days they were called graciously ‚Self portraits’. Mike has humor and this shows in the titles he gives his work. What to think about: „That one time my wife cropped my picture” or „That one time I saw who shot JFK”, or this one: „That one time I visited a Dutch astronomer”? And it goes on.