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Breakfast at Michelberger_berlin: Inspiration day 104.4

Breakfast at Michelberger_berlin. Fantastic: like you have a breakfast at your grandma’s: white knitted table protection, self-made juices out of glass bottles with handwritten labels, yummie food … enfin, after a good night sleep all you need. Oh, yeah, how do you call this? Hand crochet cooking pot warmers. Kno-what-I-mean?  Hand crochet cooking pot warmers……

Berlin-Michelberger Hotel: An inspiration story-day 104.3

Berlin-Michelberger Hotel. My favorite place to sleep in Berlin. On reason? They play 24/7 in ALL corridors the fab cult movie ‘the big lebowski’, just because the founders love the movie. Well, that’s what we call attitude, and bring your passion in a project you start up.For the rest; fun, basic but clean rooms, gathered around a school-like inner court, filled with plastic garden furniture, wooden cabinets and the hip crowd from Berlin and away.Bands give surprise concerts, lamps made of vintage Playboy magazines and very friendly so hip it hurts staff.Ah, and I love the website!!!! The animation, the space music, that simple typo, the sky phone navigation, all of it. check in? Warschauer Straße 39/40  10243 Berlin, Duitsland030 2977-8590 Some pictures to feel the vibe? Here we go!