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Reflections to welcome a new year.

I’m not the only one who feels the urge to reflect on what’s ahead, when starting a new year. If you look at it, the start of a new year is just another day in the always faster rushing world around you. But it is also the perfect ‘forced’ moment to think things trough. What are my goals in life? What plans do I make this year? What do I stand for and can I stay true to myself in this marketing & perfect image ruled world I work in? It’s not easy. Off course I know the drill. I know what needs to be done. Making compromise is needed, and even moderation has never been my strongest asset, I’m getting better at it…. But I also know what is important in life. We want relevance, we want more transparency and honesty from others, we do not believe in empty stories anymore, we worry about time passing by and we know we need to focus on long, fundamental issues instead of our non stop quest …

An Instagram look back at 2014, part 1 FOOD.

Peas with goat cheese snow at Souvenir in Ieper. 2015 has kicked off, but it happens these days that I think back about the things that were great last year. What better than have a scroll trough all my Instagram posts of 2014 and take a trip trough memory lane…. I must admit, looking at these moments, it was a good year. Why not share the best of my Instagram memories? I went trough all the great trips I made last year, the restaurants I visited, the wonderful work collaborations and the unforgettable art shows and exhibitions I went to. Here they are. It’s a selection, a best of.

Wasbar launch party-an inspiration story day

  The rumors, the gossip, the WOM did it’s job months before we even could see what the fuzz was all about! “Some guys in Ghent planed to make a new style ‘wasserette with bar’ and it was going to be the bom!“ With a buzz like that the expectations were VERY high, and when I heard that design agency Pinkeye was involved in the scenery it could’ get any better. Ruud, Luc and the others would certainly do a splendid job. I spotted the new venue to my client Eskimo (an authentic Ghent based night and underwear label-yeah,the one with the Eskimo and Pinguin logo) and they did join in as one of the early bird sponsors of Wasbar!