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Merci, Merci!-a life inspiration day

Merci. What a great, surprising store! Not that spectacular when you walk on by the Paris Boulevard Beaumarchais, but once you entered the open court yard, you discover a world of particular original design, well curated fashion and thé absolute hip and happening brands in beauty and jewelry. Another concept store, yes but not as you know it….

Wasbar launch party-an inspiration story day

  The rumors, the gossip, the WOM did it’s job months before we even could see what the fuzz was all about! “Some guys in Ghent planed to make a new style ‘wasserette with bar’ and it was going to be the bom!“ With a buzz like that the expectations were VERY high, and when I heard that design agency Pinkeye was involved in the scenery it could’ get any better. Ruud, Luc and the others would certainly do a splendid job. I spotted the new venue to my client Eskimo (an authentic Ghent based night and underwear label-yeah,the one with the Eskimo and Pinguin logo) and they did join in as one of the early bird sponsors of Wasbar!