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Frank’s Smoke House Amsterdam

Last time we were on trend safari in Amsterdam, we visited this wonderful, small, local producer of high quality smoked fish and meats. The place is called Frank’s Smoke House and owner Frank was happy to talk about his passion. The principle of hand crafted quality food is simple: a beautiful piece of meat of fish plus salt, wood, fire and patience. In this ‘rokerij’ they smoke about everything, from Wild Alaska salmon, grain fed pork, mackerel, trout, organic chickens and turkeys, wild boar, to cheeses and much more. Traditional, sustainable and delicious. They use honest and naturel ingredients, produced without hormones, antibiotics or other kinds of manipulation. The wild Alaskan King Chinook salmon is the most famous product. The fish are hook and line caught in the Golf of Alaska and are carefully selected before imported. The Alaska fishing industry is the most sustainable in the world and is even protected by the local laws there. Frank’s Smoke House also smokes Sockeye and Label Rouge Scottish salmon, grain fed pork, halibut, mackerel, trout, free range chickens, wild …

Burp, a food magazine, but not as we know it

I am HUGE magazine freak. Every new magazine that comes on the market I end up buying, one day or another. Every fashion, food, lifestyle related magazine I lay my hands on ends up on my Moooi magazine collectors plank, until a brand-new shipment is delivered. So it was no surprise I got invited by press agent Saskia from The Wicked PR to check out BURP, a new mini food magazine by pastry chef Erik Vernieuwe and photographer Kris De Smedt. God, what a surprise it was to see the first edition of this tiny, not-glossy-at-all microzine with styled food photography! Bye bye natural food sets, chaotic arranged food ingredients, crumbles and used wooden surfaces. Erik and Kris do not like the ’so-hip-it-hurts’ Instagram foodie-style. Burp food magazine re-invented the glam-style, über worked, glossed over the top food styling, inspired by the 80 ties. Think bright color back grounds, clean cut custom photography and bizar designed recipe lay outs. No advertising, articles, interviews or other clutter to distract, bore or seduce the reader. Burp is a look-and-enjoy …

An Instagram look back at 2014, part 1 FOOD.

Peas with goat cheese snow at Souvenir in Ieper. 2015 has kicked off, but it happens these days that I think back about the things that were great last year. What better than have a scroll trough all my Instagram posts of 2014 and take a trip trough memory lane…. I must admit, looking at these moments, it was a good year. Why not share the best of my Instagram memories? I went trough all the great trips I made last year, the restaurants I visited, the wonderful work collaborations and the unforgettable art shows and exhibitions I went to. Here they are. It’s a selection, a best of.

The Squid Stories image of the day #3.

What time better than the start of a new year to share with you the ‘colours’ that made it to the hitless of two word players in the field of color. Pantone presented the colour Marsala (pantone 18-1438), a naturally robust, dramatic, luxurious warm and earthy wine red that enriches our mind, body and soul (in these hard and cold times we live in) as thé colour of 2015. Marsala got it’s name from the fortified, tasteful and rich wine grounded in red-brown roots with a sophisticated, natural earthiness. Marsala combines perfectly with grey tones, sunny gold shades and taupe but also surprisingly well with today’s still very popular pastel shades.