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Burp, a food magazine, but not as we know it

I am HUGE magazine freak. Every new magazine that comes on the market I end up buying, one day or another. Every fashion, food, lifestyle related magazine I lay my hands on ends up on my Moooi magazine collectors plank, until a brand-new shipment is delivered. So it was no surprise I got invited by press agent Saskia from The Wicked PR to check out BURP, a new mini food magazine by pastry chef Erik Vernieuwe and photographer Kris De Smedt.

God, what a surprise it was to see the first edition of this tiny, not-glossy-at-all microzine with styled food photography! Bye bye natural food sets, chaotic arranged food ingredients, crumbles and used wooden surfaces. Erik and Kris do not like the ’so-hip-it-hurts’ Instagram foodie-style.

Burp magazine_thesquidstories_katestockman6 Burp magazine_thesquidstories_katestockman7 Burp magazine_thesquidstories_katestockman8 Burp magazine_thesquidstories_katestockman10 Burp magazine_thesquidstories_katestockman11 Burp magazine_thesquidstories_katestockman12 Burp magazine_thesquidstories_katestockman13 Burp magazine_thesquidstories_katestockman14 Burp magazine_thesquidstories_katestockman15 Burp-Logo-2

Burp food magazine re-invented the glam-style, über worked, glossed over the top food styling, inspired by the 80 ties.

Think bright color back grounds, clean cut custom photography and bizar designed recipe lay outs. No advertising, articles, interviews or other clutter to distract, bore or seduce the reader. Burp is a look-and-enjoy collectors edition and BURP is printed on 300 very limited copies. I just love it.

Some year ago it was Wallpaper magazine who reinvented food styling, bringing back styled Martini-olives and 70 ties orange plastic tray settings, now we have Burp to shake us up hard with a new style of looking at food.

Humor is the key ingredient, as they make strange, disturbing, sometimes ugly-meets-beauty food stories. They give the catchphrase ‘play with your food’ a new meaning.

I think it’s about time we got a new angle, a fresh look at what we put in our mouth. Away from the (too) serious, preaching healthy food brigade. (Sorry Pascale, Rens and Donna, there is a new kid in town…)

Eric and Kris from write recipes, do home economics, style and shoot for a variety of food productions, as they mention on their mini website. Contact? Mail Burp food magazine at and give them my love.

Burp magazine_thesquidstories_katestockman2 Burp magazine_thesquidstories_katestockman3 Burp magazine_thesquidstories_katestockman4 Burp magazine_thesquidstories_katestockman5


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