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Burp, a food magazine, but not as we know it

I am HUGE magazine freak. Every new magazine that comes on the market I end up buying, one day or another. Every fashion, food, lifestyle related magazine I lay my hands on ends up on my Moooi magazine collectors plank, until a brand-new shipment is delivered. So it was no surprise I got invited by press agent Saskia from The Wicked PR to check out BURP, a new mini food magazine by pastry chef Erik Vernieuwe and photographer Kris De Smedt. God, what a surprise it was to see the first edition of this tiny, not-glossy-at-all microzine with styled food photography! Bye bye natural food sets, chaotic arranged food ingredients, crumbles and used wooden surfaces. Erik and Kris do not like the ’so-hip-it-hurts’ Instagram foodie-style. Burp food magazine re-invented the glam-style, über worked, glossed over the top food styling, inspired by the 80 ties. Think bright color back grounds, clean cut custom photography and bizar designed recipe lay outs. No advertising, articles, interviews or other clutter to distract, bore or seduce the reader. Burp is a look-and-enjoy …

Beauty Papers, a magazine on beauty with a brave new face.

I love magazines. Always have and always will. When I spot a new publication at specialized press shops, I always try to buy the first issue.I am big fan of print, or paper as we used to call it, but more and more I also like some strong digital publications. This one brand new one (first published last July 2nd 2015) is digital and in print and really worth checking out! Beauty Papers is a creative biannual magazine about the culture of beauty. But not a beauty magazines as you would expect one to be. It’s a beauty report with a vision against the relentless imagery of pseudo glamour masquerading as beauty. Reality has nothing to do with this kind of photoshopped beauty” and the founders of beauty papers want to free the industry from this cliché approach. Most media bring stories of conformity, brand and formula. Beauty Papers is different. They aim to liberate beauty from “the peddlers of false hopes, hierarchies, religions and pornographers with a message of subverted beauty for their own end” …

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A Kinfolk Magazine gathering in Ghent.

“There’s life and vitality and messiness and ugliness—but real-ness.” MATTHEW ABRAMS When I heard that my friend Annemarie was hosting together with Suzy Castermans the sixth Kinfolk Magazine Gathering in Belgium, I absolutely wanted to be at this wonderful event. The Kinfolk Magazine Gatherings take place in more than 25 locations all over the world on exactly the same day. The idea is to bring together a community of like minded people who do not know each other, and to bring them together around a meal to embrace life’s unique qualities through innovative dishes, a warm community feel and a respect for nature’s whims. It is very important to feel on these events the Kinfolk principles of hospitality, simplicity and generosity.