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The Squid Stories image of the day #4.


Sometimes an image tells the entire story.

This one does. Hundreds of tiny ice sculptures of faceless men figurines sit quietly together, next one another, on stairs all around the world.

It’s the work of Brazilian street artist Nele Azevedo .

She calls this installations ‘Urban Actions’.

The peaceful settings changes into a a dramatic, melancholic statement, once the little men begin to melt on the ground.

It’s beautiful to look at, and a signal (again) of a search for ‘stillness’ in society, the growing importance of time consciousness (how we cope with waiting for instance) and our longing for (more) togetherness.

How artists always feel what’s coming, much faster and more sensitive than others.








All images courtesy of Nele Azevedo.

The Squid Stories ‚Image of the day’ thanks Fubiz for spotting this ‚Image of the day’ story.

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