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Banksy’s Dismaland, a fabulous stunt art show. PART 1

The moment I got the news that Banksy was about to open an entertainment park, (one that is not) near his hometown Bristol, I knew that I wanted to be there. With any means. But as expected, we were not alone. From the first second the website was online, he crashed, due to 6 million hits from all over the world. You would crash for less, no? Our planning began, as we decided to take the car, get on the Eurotunnel, a car-train under the channel, to drive another 3 hours to this weird little coast village, called Weston-Super-Mare. (Very cool name by the way.) The quest for tickets started. (A Banksy show at Bristol city museum in 2009 attracted more than 300,000 visitors over 12 weeks, so we knew it was not going to be easy to get in). One week after the opening week, the site was back on line and the hunt kicked off. 3 hours later, we had 4 most desired tickets for an evening session, and the day after, 4 …

The Squid Stories image of the day #7.

The streets of New York City, well known from visit visits, various movies and TV shows, are lined with loads of a abandoned, discarded domestic stuff. Think used furniture, books, plants, toys and tiles. Photographer  Justin Bettman and Brooklyn-based prop stylist Gozde Eker have been inspired by these seemingly random objects and used them to create poetic, fun  scenes, crafted entirely from unwanted materials they found abandoned on the sidewalks. Bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms are built with wallpaper, tables, posters and assorted props, each which seek to tell the story of the family, couple or single inhabitants that are meant to reside in the spaces.