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The Squid Stories image of the day #7.


The streets of New York City, well known from visit visits, various movies and TV shows, are lined with loads of a abandoned, discarded domestic stuff. Think used furniture, books, plants, toys and tiles. Photographer  Justin Bettman and Brooklyn-based prop stylist Gozde Eker have been inspired by these seemingly random objects and used them to create poetic, fun  scenes, crafted entirely from unwanted materials they found abandoned on the sidewalks. Bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms are built with wallpaper, tables, posters and assorted props, each which seek to tell the story of the family, couple or single inhabitants that are meant to reside in the spaces.

And, the idea was not to keep the scenes as they were settled, no, all props and furniture was left untouched, allowing passersby to create their own reality within the crafted setting. The challenge was to stimulate the passengers to upload their visual responses on Instagram using the hashtag #setinthestreet.

This image was for me a welcome antidote of the horror we witnessed in Paris the last days. Streets should be safe, and by showing artists who transform the streets in happy places, where people enjoy their creativity, instead of being afraid, can only be encouraged.






All images courtesy of Justin Bettman and Gozde Eker.

The Squid Stories ‚Image of the day’ thanks Designboom for spotting this ‚Image of the day’ story.

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