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The Squid Stories image of the day #6

When I read this article on the future oriented technology blog ‚Serious Wonders’, this image brought me back in time, weird enough. You have to know that my dad was an orthopedic technician, and we were brought up with all kind of prosthetics that he made for his patients. I remember him explaining us how he hoped in the far future to be able to have the technology to make real robotic prosthetics, to be controlled by the mind, like a real arm or leg does. We were impressed by only the thought of it but could not imagine that this would be possible ever.

Image of the day: A Brooklyn green houseboat

  It’s been a while since I posted something on one of my favorite items on the blog: the “image of the day”. This item should be one that pops up on regular bases, but damn, it’s been so busy lately … But, this one was too nice to let go. The image of today is an off-the-grid houseboat/urban sustainability laboratory that’s can be spotted nowadays in one of America’s filthiest waterways: Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal.