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Damien Hirst Pharmacy 2 London

Damien Hirst Pharmacy 2_London

I am one of the lucky ones who visited Damien Hirst’s first original Pharmacy in Notting Hill. It blew my mind and what I most remember are the waiters dressed in blood red surgeon aprons, with an open back. Sexy as hell and so was the rest of the restaurant. Hirst wasn’t the super rich artist he is today and  his art was not that famous yet, so frequenting The Pharmacy was cool. The original restaurant was open between 1998-2003, the new one opened two years ago. I was there the week it opened, and remember taking a cab from the city to South London especially to be one of the first to discover it. The Pharmacy 2 is hosted in Damian Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery in Vauxhall, South London and is a real hommage to Hirst’s art installation The Medicine Cabinets series and butterfly Kaleidoscope paintings of 1992. Designed entirely by Hirst, Pharmacy 2 has etched glass windows depicting DNA strands, marble inlayed flooring and a bar of stainless steel and glass vitrine. Pharmacy Damien Hirst Pharmacy 2 is a …

Milan Design Week 2017_Nonostante Marras pop up restaurant

Besides the fact that Antonio Marras has a superb poetic fashion store in Brera, his Nonostante Marras space is also consecrated as a venue for multidisciplinary experiments: gallery, atelier, library, garden, shop, showroom, restaurant. A place designed by Marras to his own measure, Marras significantly identifies the places he belongs to, Alghero and Sardinia, with the essence of an aesthetic made up of light, wind, clouds and sunbeams shimmering on the sea. The breathtaking, magical pop-up restaurant at Nonostante Marras was setup specially for Milan Design Week 2017. We just walked in before it was open, so we could stroll around and enjoy the delicate flower, glass and candle decorations. What I loved about it, is the fact that it was not announced as ‘pop up restaurant’ or even worse ‘a concept restaurant’. No, Marras just opens a beautiful styled and decorated restaurant, a place to enjoy the food in a fairytale like setting. Simple and honest. Like you walked in a glass house of an old ant, who prepares a lunch for her friends. …

Tried & enjoyed: Volta Popcorn, a restaurant popped up in a cornfield.

Last summer I visited a most original place, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in my hometown Zomergem (means more or less ‘summer town’). I wanted to make a story about it, but as time went by, after a while I thought it was too late to report on it. Too late, and gone anyway. Just as any good popup concept: there for a short while, leaving many behind,  regretting never made it to the venue. So when I heard that the ‘Volta Popcorn’ concept was having its second edition this summer, I decided it a perfect opportunity to bring the story anyway. Volta Popcorn is exactly like you hope it to be. A contemporary restaurant, build in the middle of a cornfield, without any compromise.

An Instagram look back at 2014, part 1 FOOD.

Peas with goat cheese snow at Souvenir in Ieper. 2015 has kicked off, but it happens these days that I think back about the things that were great last year. What better than have a scroll trough all my Instagram posts of 2014 and take a trip trough memory lane…. I must admit, looking at these moments, it was a good year. Why not share the best of my Instagram memories? I went trough all the great trips I made last year, the restaurants I visited, the wonderful work collaborations and the unforgettable art shows and exhibitions I went to. Here they are. It’s a selection, a best of.