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Inside INSIDE, part one.

You all know by now my love for the ‚unbeatable’ museum of Modern Art in Paris Palais De Tokyo. Every time we visit, it grabs me be surprise, it moves me, it turns certainties upside-down. This exhibition, opened October 20 th, is _again _nothing less than fantastic. 30 artists, gathered together by curators Jean de Loisy, Daria de Beauvais, Katell Jaffrès around one mutual theme, all experimenting and stretching the given boundary ‚INSIDE’ it’s own expression and interpretation. Let me take you inside, so you block some time in your agenda to check this one out, before it is too late.

Père Lachaise just around the corner of ‘Maman’ Shelter

  As I mentioned already in the  previous post, Mama Shelter Paris is not exactly near the city center, but it’s good to know that it’s located in a diverse, surprising and interesting area (20th) and even better, Mama’s Shelter is exact 5 minutes walk from the world famous cemetery Père Lachaise  . As we love to discover new area’s,  we took the opportunity to have a walk in the early morning, before the shops open. It was a good plan.

Mama takes care of you.

As we were in Paris 3 weeks ago for a Palais de Tokyo exhibit (more about this later on this blog), we stayed a night at Mama’s. It was not our first visit to Mama Shelter , and certainly not the last. I always call it ‘a style youth hostel for adults’. Everything breaths fun, joy-de-vivre, love and care. Play is here a must, and the vibe is vibrant, colorful and although you recognize some of the most comic furniture of Starck, it’s not his usual cosmopolitan chic style.