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Milan Design Week 2017_Nonostante Marras pop up restaurant

Besides the fact that Antonio Marras has a superb poetic fashion store in Brera, his Nonostante Marras space is also consecrated as a venue for multidisciplinary experiments: gallery, atelier, library, garden, shop, showroom, restaurant. A place designed by Marras to his own measure, Marras significantly identifies the places he belongs to, Alghero and Sardinia, with the essence of an aesthetic made up of light, wind, clouds and sunbeams shimmering on the sea.

The breathtaking, magical pop-up restaurant at Nonostante Marras was setup specially for Milan Design Week 2017. We just walked in before it was open, so we could stroll around and enjoy the delicate flower, glass and candle decorations.

What I loved about it, is the fact that it was not announced as ‘pop up restaurant’ or even worse ‘a concept restaurant’. No, Marras just opens a beautiful styled and decorated restaurant, a place to enjoy the food in a fairytale like setting. Simple and honest.

Like you walked in a glass house of an old ant, who prepares a lunch for her friends.

Please import this restaurant to my home town Ghent! Please do.



via Cola di Rienzo 8
20144 Milano, ITALY
tel +39 0276280991

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