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Food of the week-a life inspiration series

No, it has nothing to do with some late New Years good intentions, but I really want to eat healthier, more conscious and taste all different ingredients. Take time to enjoy preparing, time to enjoy taste. As we did before time was not short.
It still is, but hey, we’ll make time.

So, this will be a small diary about what was on my different dishes last week, home made, restaurant food, diners at friends.
Not weekly but as this blog is always: when I feel like it.
Bon appetit.

Wrong start! Minor trendwatching exams. 14 students in one day. No time to eat but this croissant and a Cécemel. Bummer.
Better! Wok mushroom, spring onions and garlic. Yes!
Ready: lukewarm mushrooms on rucola salad, balsamico truffle and some parmesan flakes. 
Lovely scallops with Iberico ham at
Lunch with my mum.
Green tea and a sweet heart for Valentines day at my hairdresser Cut, Paste and Paint.
A power breakfast to start a home office working day. 
Blue berries, greec yogurt, bio honey and pine nuts
Soft milk sandwiches with cheese. Lunch with team Studio Verne, make up artist Adelien and our models during photo shoot  underwear an ‘pj’ label Eskimo
Lemon chicken by a recipe of our beloved Ghent super model Cesar Casier. His book Models Kitchen is one of my latest favorite books, and we tried all ready a few with loads of success.
The lemon chicken was great.

Check out:

Today we visited the exhibition The Chinese Terracotta Army in Brussels(more in next blogpost), and we went for a quick vietnamese lunch in the museum’s neighborhood. A small friendly resto called Yaki, with good, fresh and cheap food. On the picture: a yellow curry with prawns. And a Singha beer.

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