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Tried & enjoyed: Wasbar Antwerp open!

No need to explain the concept. (See post on the very first WASBAR in my home town Ghent, October 14 th 2012.) 
Wasbar in short: a huge success story about washing your laundry in a hip bar slash hairdresser salon slash meeting spot, great press, enthousiastic fans and a waiting line for the Sunday Brunches (“Yuri and Dries, please get me a table next week: we come with 7…”)
It was a question of time that a second venue opened to serve other cities for their dirty laundry and need for a drink.
Antwerp was the obvious choice and a fantastic spot was found in a much bigger building. 
Never change a winning team: owners Yuri and Dries, design agency Pinkeye, PR lady Saskia from The Wicked PR and sponsors Ecover, Electrolux and yes,… the sexiest underwear brand in Belgium Eskimo, all present!
Brand new extra’s? The tasty food concept ‘WASBAR TOAST’ by Ghent’s famous Wim Ballieu from ‘Balls & Glory’ How does it work? Take two bread slices and fill them with minced meat, cheddar and pigment, mozzarella and pesto, ham and cheese off course and for sweet-lovers choco-pasta. Beside Wim’s toasts Wasbar serves salads, ‘Wasbar-made’ ice tea and smoothies.
Good news: also WASBAR Ghent signed for this new food project.
Next week, take your laundry basket and head off to Ghent or Antwerp. Enjoy your stay and look if one of the machines didn’t get the name of your grandma…Say hi to the boys from me. 
Photo Frederik Vercruysse
Photo Frederik Vercruysse

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