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Frank’s Smoke House Amsterdam

Last time we were on trend safari in Amsterdam, we visited this wonderful, small, local producer of high quality smoked fish and meats. The place is called Frank’s Smoke House and owner Frank was happy to talk about his passion. The principle of hand crafted quality food is simple: a beautiful piece of meat of fish plus salt, wood, fire and patience. In this ‘rokerij’ they smoke about everything, from Wild Alaska salmon, grain fed pork, mackerel, trout, organic chickens and turkeys, wild boar, to cheeses and much more. Traditional, sustainable and delicious. They use honest and naturel ingredients, produced without hormones, antibiotics or other kinds of manipulation. The wild Alaskan King Chinook salmon is the most famous product. The fish are hook and line caught in the Golf of Alaska and are carefully selected before imported. The Alaska fishing industry is the most sustainable in the world and is even protected by the local laws there. Frank’s Smoke House also smokes Sockeye and Label Rouge Scottish salmon, grain fed pork, halibut, mackerel, trout, free range chickens, wild …

Tried & enjoyed, Restaurant Café Modern Amsterdam.

As I need to be in Amsterdam for my job (creative direction for fashion shoots), I find it always challenging to dine in good food restaurants. This can be the hot spot of the moment, or a hidden treasure known by some locals, or a classic frequented by quality seekers. If Elle/harpers Bazaar/Vogue fashion photographer Wendelien Daan (who likes good food as much as I do) and later Maarten van de Vijfeijken (Founder of creative studio “Goed stel mensen”) both recommended me Café Modern, than I did what needs to be don, I booked a table. Café Modern is situated near Amsterdam North and is from the same team that brought us Hotel de Goudfazant. (not an hotel, but a great restaurant in an industrial car park). Café Modern nested in an old bank building and has a feeling of a school refter, or a canteen of a 60 ties government house. You still find the vaults of the bank, as they are turned into a toilet area in the cellar. There is only one …

Tried & enjoyed: Volta Popcorn, a restaurant popped up in a cornfield.

Last summer I visited a most original place, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in my hometown Zomergem (means more or less ‘summer town’). I wanted to make a story about it, but as time went by, after a while I thought it was too late to report on it. Too late, and gone anyway. Just as any good popup concept: there for a short while, leaving many behind,  regretting never made it to the venue. So when I heard that the ‘Volta Popcorn’ concept was having its second edition this summer, I decided it a perfect opportunity to bring the story anyway. Volta Popcorn is exactly like you hope it to be. A contemporary restaurant, build in the middle of a cornfield, without any compromise.