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The Squid Stories image of the day #3.

What time better than the start of a new year to share with you the ‘colours’ that made it to the hitless of two word players in the field of color. Pantone presented the colour Marsala (pantone 18-1438), a naturally robust, dramatic, luxurious warm and earthy wine red that enriches our mind, body and soul (in these hard and cold times we live in) as thé colour of 2015. Marsala got it’s name from the fortified, tasteful and rich wine grounded in red-brown roots with a sophisticated, natural earthiness. Marsala combines perfectly with grey tones, sunny gold shades and taupe but also surprisingly well with today’s still very popular pastel shades.

‘Eastpaked’ for Rotterdam_a life inspiration story

I’ve always been a huge fan of Rotterdam. I think it’s a city with more innovation power than Amsterdam, and they have less to prove to the world. It’s also the only Dutch town with a real skyline, 2 big rivers coming together and some exciting(but let’s be honest, not all buildings are beautiful) architecture. A few weeks ago, I got an invitation to join travel bag expert Eastpak who organized a so called ‘wildlife’ Tour in Rotterdam, to discover some new, independent small retailers, hair salons, designers and food concepts.