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Corn food waste: material innovation_DDW 2017

We all know corn. We think there is one kind of corn we can consume during barbecue’s and spare ribes, but are wrong. In Mexico alone farmers breed 62 sorts of corn. The skin of these species of corn are waste material as we don’t consume it. Corn skin waste Designer Fernando Laposse found out dat we do not have to throw away the corn skins but that they can be used as finishing layers on furniture, decorative items and all kind of MDF constructions. The designer also shows where the corn is sourced. By doing so he not only celebrates bio diversity but gives also support to the small farmers who sustain their family. Fernando Laposse is a London based Mexican designer with a BA in product design from Central Saint Martins. He was born in Paris, France september 1988. His work is deeply rooted in material experimentation and craft with a great emphasis on self production and the DIY culture. His projects aim to raise questions regarding whole system thinking, ephemerality, patterns of consumption and …

Tried & enjoyed: Volta Popcorn, a restaurant popped up in a cornfield.

Last summer I visited a most original place, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in my hometown Zomergem (means more or less ‘summer town’). I wanted to make a story about it, but as time went by, after a while I thought it was too late to report on it. Too late, and gone anyway. Just as any good popup concept: there for a short while, leaving many behind,  regretting never made it to the venue. So when I heard that the ‘Volta Popcorn’ concept was having its second edition this summer, I decided it a perfect opportunity to bring the story anyway. Volta Popcorn is exactly like you hope it to be. A contemporary restaurant, build in the middle of a cornfield, without any compromise.