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One day Paris shopping-a life inspiration day


Some shopping in Paris? Always a good idea.

The show of Ann Demeulemeester started at 11u30 am, and 20 minutes later we were ready to hit the town.

It’s always difficult to choose which ‘quartier’ to visit, when you only have a few hours.

It’s been a while since we went to Colette, so we started there. But we first passed by my all time favorite perfume shop of Comme Des Garcons. A small but exclusive selection and the most beautiful ‘degradé’ pink windows. I’m sure we know this store at least 15 years and it is still as pure and beautiful as then.

Ivan at Comme des Garcons.

Checking out.

Window at Colette

Colette kids, with music selection, always refreshing new choice.

Lunch at  ‘Très Honoré’.  Tip from Domusplus out of Wallpaper Magazine.

‘Très Honoré’ chandelier.

Moi, Miss Kate, checking out next stop.

Very light, fresh raw salmon. Always good.

Golden macarons, but no pictures from outside towards the window allowed!! Can you imagine??? So, no name mentioning.

Cute, private perfume boudoir at the

Galerie de Valois.

Rick Owens!! His  store in Palais Royal became a real flagship since the American designer moved his headquarters to Paris in 2003.

Find it inside the Palais Royal in 130-133 Galerie De Valois.

Beware of the life-sized Rick Owens wax figure, standing behind the counter desk. Wicked!

Quick check in Go Go Paris.Toilet wall covering at merci store coffee shop.

Merci unconventional chair selection

Merci Food Theme, great stuff currated by the trendspotters of Merci.

We left Paris when it started snowing. Romantic, yes, but when you have a tree hour drive ahead of you, it’s better to go.
But, GoGo Paris, soon we’ll be back….

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