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Rick Owens_Image of the day #23

I love the work of Rick Owens. Rick’s clothing lines, fashion shows and furniture collections are always bold statements, very pure and have a provocative nature. So does his shops, temples of Owens pure and black philosophy. They all have one eye catcher in common: in every shop you have a life size wax version of Rick Owens. In Paris it’s standing on the counter desk and nearly every hardcore fan takes a picture with their idol, standing on the desk. But in Owens Milan store Rick’s wax figure is not visible in the store. You have to go into one of the two fitting rooms to see them. Did I already tell you Owens has a fine sense of humor and certainly a huge dose of self relativity? You have to see the image to believe the position he’s in… Besides the particular fitting room seats, the Rick Owens store is, as always, very minimal designed, and the entire shop is pure white in a concrete bunker. No window displays, the windows are closed with a white concrete …

One day Paris shopping-a life inspiration day

        Some shopping in Paris? Always a good idea. The show of Ann Demeulemeester started at 11u30 am, and 20 minutes later we were ready to hit the town. It’s always difficult to choose which ‘quartier’ to visit, when you only have a few hours. It’s been a while since we went to Colette, so we started there. But we first passed by my all time favorite perfume shop of Comme Des Garcons. A small but exclusive selection and the most beautiful ‘degradé’ pink windows. I’m sure we know this store at least 15 years and it is still as pure and beautiful as then.