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Nr°33-Image of the day

Look good at this picture.
Yes, you see it right? 
There is an entire villa built on this 26 floor apartment block.

Over a period of 6 six years Zhang Biqing-a doctor in Beijing-constructed  a ‘villa in a montain’ on the rooftop of his own building.
The guy had no building permission what so ever, but could keep on building without any interference of the city authorities.
A sign of times, where people live next to each other without knowing what the other does and not even care?
It’s unbelievable that such a construction can be build without anybody taking notice. Now that the inhabitants of the building are aware of the ‘fata morgana-like’ dream house above their head, they start protesting.
A little to late to react in times where mass-city individualization is spreading like a virus.  

But, let’s face it, it creates weird, intriguing images that are proof of human’s imagination, creativity and drive. And that counts for something too.

Picture Fubiz
Picture Fubiz
Picture Fubiz

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