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Google Glass medical revival. Image of the day #16

 When I read recently that a new study highlights a surprising application for the blacklisted product Google Glass, I realized that this could open interesting perspectives for the future.

We all remember that Google cancelled the commercial production  of Google Glass in January this year. Unexpected because the product was highly hyped and got enormous amounts of media attention, despite the 1500$ price tag. Expected on the other hand, as the ‘in-your-face device’ had a lot of haters too.  The few users were even nicknamed “Glassholes” or ‘voyeurs’. There was a ban over the computerized eyewear by bar owners and casino’s as many were afraid of the indiscretion and the loss of privacy using the product. Also movie theaters were not happy with the device as it could record easily any shown movie.

But while all this was happening and debated in the public eye, doctors were experimenting with the same device in completely other area’s of expertise. They used Google Glass during countless surgeries to live-stream a first-person view of a procedure for colleagues or students, or use the screen to access patient information.

But it went much further than that: Google Glass apparently diagnoses and treats patients arriving at the hospital ER with symptoms of poisoning. ER medical staff would first call a toxicology expert on the telephone to reach a preliminary diagnosis. Now they turn to a specially programmed Google Glass to stream video, audio and photos of the patient directly with the expert in real time. Telemedicine as it is called becomes today a crucial part of toxicology because few hospitals — especially small ones in rural areas — have expert toxicologists in their day-to-day staff.

Hospitals & surgeons could become in this specific sector, a crucial and new market for the Google Glass and guarantee it a future.

In the meantime, other big players will take over the task to develop other wearable technology for consumer use, less tech-savy, less nerdy and maybe more discrete and fashionable.

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The image courtesy of The Huffington Post

The Squid Stories ‚Image of the day’ thanks The Huffington Post for spotting this ‚Image of the day’ story.

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