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Li Edelkoort, the Anti Fashion Manifesto.

I always was a fan of Li Edelkoort. From the moment I heard her speak for the first time, years ago on a future summit, I found her inspirational and at that time influential on fashion colors, prints and fabrics. Her trend books were bought, also at that time, by the biggest fashion & lifestyle brands, to base their designs on for the next coming years. Lidewij Edelkoort, born in the Netherlands in the 50ties, founded the established trend forecasting company TRENDUNION based in Paris. She and her team advise fashion companies and consumer brands around the world. Time magazine named her once one of the 25 most influential people in fashion. So Li highly influential?  For sure, but I could not help myself thinking that this was a system of ‘self fulfilling prophecies’. If everybody buys your directions, it is logic that it is a question of time that these predictions/inspirations are all over the streets.

Tried & enjoyed: Restaurant Het Rijks Amsterdam

Culinary patriotism: todays local food celebration turned into a great restaurant concept. A few weeks ago, I was visiting the new Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. You know, the famous museum where Rembrandts’ De Nachtwacht’ is exposed, besides many other magnificent Dutch art and history from the Middle Ages and some major aspects of European and Asian art. Normally each self respecting museum nowadays has its own restaurant, where the food is excellent and the atmosphere at ease and non conform. So does the Rijksmuseum. They have two.

Tried & enjoyed: The Brooklyn Hotel Amsterdam.

Twice a year I organize for a fashion client ( their catalogue shoots. As we work with the Amsterdam based fashion photographer Wendelien Daan and an all-Dutch crew, it’s always a question of finding an affordable but cool place to crash during the shooting days. Last shoot I booked The Brooklyn Hotel. The Brooklyn Hotel opened it’s doors in September last year and is one of the landmarks in Amsterdam Noord. It’s the only high building in the environment that is not an office, a container or a crane. The Brooklyn Hotel is nested in the middle of a shipyard, where people still work during the day. There is a paying parking in front of the hotel, and if you want travel back to the city, take the boat (In Dutch it’s called ‘het pondje’), that brings you (for free) in 10 minutes to the Central Station & Amsterdam city. Check the return schedule, to reassure your return at night.

An Instagram look back at 2014, part 1 FOOD.

Peas with goat cheese snow at Souvenir in Ieper. 2015 has kicked off, but it happens these days that I think back about the things that were great last year. What better than have a scroll trough all my Instagram posts of 2014 and take a trip trough memory lane…. I must admit, looking at these moments, it was a good year. Why not share the best of my Instagram memories? I went trough all the great trips I made last year, the restaurants I visited, the wonderful work collaborations and the unforgettable art shows and exhibitions I went to. Here they are. It’s a selection, a best of.