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The Squid Stories image of the day #9.


This quite remarkable image was taken in Nanning city, (in the south China’s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region). One owner of an apartment in China has strange ideas about ‚small living’ and doing something about it. He built a corridor connecting two buildings in a residential district, to enlarge his property. 

This fragile steel-framed overpass construction causes a safety hazard to passers-by walking below and was obviously illegally built.

Residents doubt, with reason, if this makeshift walkway will survive a typhoon or an earthquake.
The builder/owner on the contrary feels safe enough, so it seems.

With the growing over population in China and other countries, this kind of inventive ‚bricolage’ will be spotted more frequently. It delivers great pictures though. 



All images courtesy of Imagine China.

The Squid Stories ‚Image of the day’ thanks Designboom for spotting this ‚Image of the day’ story.

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