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Nr°39_Image of the day

Visiting NY the next few days? Do go and look for the 31 street art pieces and statements ab fab artist Banksy leaves during the entire month for his “Better out than in”exposition. It would be a crime not to. October 11 th, Banksy let a truck, stuffed with ‘stuffed’ cuddly animal toys,drive trough the streets of NY as a complaint against animal cruelty in slaughter houses. This stricking and very fun statement is calles “The Sirens of the Lambs” and is to be seen near the Meatpacking District.(Off course!!) Banksy’s slaughterhouse delivery truck tours first the meatpacking district and then citywide for the next two weeks. And please, keep in looking! Banksy, who’s works is normally not for sale or only at sky high gallery pricing, is stunting the entire month. Imagine this: The day before yesterday he set up an art stall in the park selling 100% authentic original signed Banksy canvases. For $60 each. An old man set up the stall, and the first sale was done only at 3PM in the afternoon!! The stall closed …

What we already know about Models Kitchen-a life inspiration day

Cesar Casier, for the ones who know him, is adorable. Always was. Nobody was surprised when he took on a succesful modeling career and moved to New York. His blog about his life and friends is really fun to read and is like his personality: fresh, open en no nonsense. It’s on this blog I first read about him writing a cook book. Another cook book, you might ask. Yep!