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Blom-ista, silk flowers are back

Living in the country side has it’s advantages nowadays. But it is not exactly the best spot to discover new places to be. So it was quite a surprise to come home one day and see opposite the street a kind of barn that was transformed into an atelier with just a wooden sliding door and a small name tag on the wall. Just Blom-ista, by appointment. Nothing more. Very discreet, minimal without any window, and no clue what it actually was. My curious nature won, and the next day I pulled over my car as the wooden door was open and checked it out. The barn, concrete floor, white walls, was stuffed with large pots filled with all sorts of colorful flowers. But this is not an ordinary flower shop. This is a flower ‘bibliotheque’ or library. Blomista I met Kirsten Blom, the owner & ‘blomista’ in her atelier and she introduced me to her art & her profession. She’s a flower stylist for retailers, hospitality and events but she does not work with …

Hubert Duprat, insects build gold flake and pearl cocoons.

It can’t be denied that insects, though not a popular topic of conversation in most cases, are becoming increasingly more popular in various aspects of our (not so) daily life. Although usually brought up in conversations as a new source of protein, Hubert Duprat saw a more aesthetic purpose for this crawly creatures. I first got in contact with Duprats work at the exposition of international fashion designer Dries Van Noten at the MOMU in Antwerp. Dries shows all his art, fashion, music and other inspirations in relation with his collections and Duprat was one of them. I was really intrigued and started some research on this artist’s work.

Tried & enjoyed: Volta Popcorn, a restaurant popped up in a cornfield.

Last summer I visited a most original place, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in my hometown Zomergem (means more or less ‘summer town’). I wanted to make a story about it, but as time went by, after a while I thought it was too late to report on it. Too late, and gone anyway. Just as any good popup concept: there for a short while, leaving many behind,  regretting never made it to the venue. So when I heard that the ‘Volta Popcorn’ concept was having its second edition this summer, I decided it a perfect opportunity to bring the story anyway. Volta Popcorn is exactly like you hope it to be. A contemporary restaurant, build in the middle of a cornfield, without any compromise.