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The Squid Stories image of the day #1

Ok, the deal is on. As promised day one, to post my ‘image of the day’. Not the most easy task, as I spend nearly the entire day on the couch, eyes on the French rough coastline, half awake, half sleepy recovering from the night before. But, the as promised, today post one for the booklet_to_be with 365 striking, inspirational, emotional images, my personal selection of images that reflect trends in contemporary culture.

The Squid Stories image of the day.

    Cube courthouse — Shinichi Ogawa & Associates I always loved the idea of posting one image per day, just to make at the end of year a great booklet with 365 striking, inspirational, emotional images that caught my attention, one way or another. I’m sure it will be a great compilation, a personal selection, a curated album that underneath the images reflects trends that live in contemporary culture. In my The Squid Stories blog I have such a section, and once in a while I do use it, but not enough and certainly not enough to achieve my ‘booklet’ idea…. So, is the end of a year not thé moment to set yourself some goals, and keep them in the following year?

Père Lachaise just around the corner of ‘Maman’ Shelter

  As I mentioned already in the  previous post, Mama Shelter Paris is not exactly near the city center, but it’s good to know that it’s located in a diverse, surprising and interesting area (20th) and even better, Mama’s Shelter is exact 5 minutes walk from the world famous cemetery Père Lachaise  . As we love to discover new area’s,  we took the opportunity to have a walk in the early morning, before the shops open. It was a good plan.