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ROA street animals-a life inspiration story

Sometimes you see work from an artist, work that really blows you away.That happened when is saw this clip on the work of street artist ROA. guy seemed to be a Belgian-very hard to find- graffiti artist, highly respected by all his fellow street artists and with loads of (hidden) work near my city Ghent.

We were supposed to go to this current exhibition ‘Stop over‘ at the Bodson-Emelinckx Gallery in Brussels. We were.

As you know by now, we have this fantastic habit not to go to openings of art shows or exhibitions, but we hit the museum on closing day. The last day, the exhibit has a strange exciting feel, everyone who is there not to miss anything. It’s not on purpose we are that late but it happens. To busy, to stuffed agenda’s….

We did the closing days for Damien Hirst in London, The Terracotta Army in Brussels, Chloë at Palais de Tokyo, Basqiat in Paris….<

So, we left for Brussels on Saturday the 22nd, arrived in the afternoon at theBodson-Emelinckx Gallery, and stood in front of closed doors. An empty gallery, me together with about 20 other people. Very disappointed, we all felt empty some how.

We so loved to see ROA’s animals, painted and drawn on wooden cabinets, old furniture and some gallery walls. See them come alive, look them in the vivid eye, and take them with us.

We didn’t.

Thank you Bodson-Emelinckx. Thanks for closing a day too early.

No signage, no ‘sorry’, nothing.

The idea is now to give ourselves a challenge. We want to go and check out places where ROA left his signatures, his animals, his skeletons…. We’ll try to find ROA’s work in some European cities when we visit: London, Berlin, Barcelona, NY and off course in his (en my)home town Ghent.

This page gives animal murals of this amazing artist/

It helps if you, just like us, missed his expo in Brussels, because the guys closed a day early… Damn.

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