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“Quid new posts?”

Hey people! Kate here.

You might have wondered what happened the last couple of months, as my (I know…) quite irregular, but dedicated blogposts didn’t appear in your Bloglovin’ mailbox anymore.

I have a very good explanation for this not so loyal, but temporary behaviour…
Two months ago I moved!! Yes, we moved to a new house,. Out of our much beloved loft in the city to find a perfect spot for some much needed ‘no noise’ space.
After the move, we left for a 3 week Ibiza holiday (my favourite spots over there will be posted soon, don’t worry) and once back home decoration of the new space started. Besides loads of professional work off course, a kick off of a new innovation bachelor course, where I teach and you understand why I’ve been so absent this last months.

But the good news is, I’m back. In full force with great new Squid Stories on food, design, fashion, travel and trends.
And some new insights I like to share with you on brand new topics.

And hey, there is more! The second explanation for the lack of new updates: we’ve been busy! Why? We also moved the Squid Stories!
It was about time.
You’ll see: it’s easier to navigate, easier on the browser and really easy on the eyes. Don’t worry: we moved also the entire content.
Some stuff we kept as it was, because it was good. The content, the writer, my curated view on todays world.
I write about contemporary culture, and I hope you like it.

So, check out the brand new posts at the new blogspot www.thesquidstories.com.  Make sure you subscribe the new address on Bloglovin and I see you over there!


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