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HumØr op z’n Gents-a life inspiration day

Photo Kate Stockman

Sometimes you find a small shop, it can be anywhere, that you like immediately.
Small but o so right curated, with so much love and knowledge, a shop where you wonder who is behind the selection and the vibe…. you got the picture?
Well, I found one, in Ghent.
I had no idea.

First of all, I’m still somehow confused that the owner of the previous store that nested here for years, my friend Miet Crabbé, had to close her shop. I missed her here, so it was even more surprising that with this new shop straight away I got a click.

Photo Kate Stockman
Photo Kate Stockman


A quick look at this “mix, not match, collect & find” collection? Here we go!

Photo Kate Stockman

The 2 friends behind the brand Bread and Boxers wanted simpler, better alternatives for everyday basics. 

Being part of the everyday routine, getting great underwear, should be as simple as picking up the morning bread, they think. After all, the things we wear everyday matter more than the things we wear only once in a while, no?

This sounds very much like our own Ghent rooted brand Eskimo: great, basic underwear for everyday and everyone. 

Maybe an idea to complete the collection guys?

Photo Kate Stockman

Loved this picture, printed on metal, what gives a very special shine and finishing. The image is amazing and I think quite beautiful composition and light wise.

Photo Kate Stockman

Co-founder An’s own light designs with self made pictures.

Photo Kate Stockman

Light box with travel pictures. Personal stories, not yours, but even as interesting to take home.

Photo Kate Stockman

Take a good look at these beauty products from 100% Spa by Karmameju. Or shall I say, take a deep sniff when you first take them in your hand. This 100% Spa Collection is a premium range of therapeutic skincare designed to nurture and protect your body, mind and spirit. 
Using only all-natural & non-harmful ingredients is crucial in our development. 
The perfumes of each pot, flacon or tube is as addictive as the other. 
I immediately bought a multi-use creme with grapefruit, mint and fennel. 

In my cream: Organic Olive and Jojoba combined with nourishing Pomegranate and Argan oils to restore and hydrate skin. 

Sounds great, no? Well, In my bathroom right now, and I love it!

Photo Kate Stockman

An album of The Stones. Always good, even just as decoration and to set the vibe.

Photo Kate Stockman

Under a rack of clothes and next to some shoe boxes on the floor, an old school pick-up to play vinyl records. Good!

Photo Kate Stockman

Not for the bags, but the porcelain cat I love!!!! And the composition works. But when I take the cat home, they’ll have to find a new still life. Is she for sale?

Photo Kate Stockman

My daughter Maui joined this shopping trip and she loved the shop as much as I do.

Photo Kate Stockman

 The people behind this shop with “Lifestyle Services”? An Gyselinck ( the beautiful,long blond lady) en Rewind stores founder and friend Christophe Urbain.(Not in the picture)

Photo Kate Stockman

Gold dipped jewelry, the gun, the braces, the leaves, I all like. We must come back for the holidays!

Photo Kate Stockman
Photo Kate Stockman


                                                         HumØr, Bennesteeg, 19 Gent
                                                                   With love! Kate


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