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‘Eastpaked’ for Rotterdam_a life inspiration story

I’ve always been a huge fan of Rotterdam. I think it’s a city with more innovation power than Amsterdam, and they have less to prove to the world. It’s also the only Dutch town with a real skyline, 2 big rivers coming together and some exciting(but let’s be honest, not all buildings are beautiful) architecture. A few weeks ago, I got an invitation to join travel bag expert Eastpak who organized a so called ‘wildlife’ Tour in Rotterdam, to discover some new, independent small retailers, hair salons, designers and food concepts.

Tried & enjoyed: Hotel New York: our favorite spot in Rotterdam for years

Every now and then we head off to Rotterdam, just to be there, just to feel the changes in the city architecture and, without any exception, to have lunch at Hotel New York. A sleep over is even better but not on our agenda.(Never had a disappointing room, always a stunning view and surprising furniture and space!) This time we went to Dordrecht for an exhibition (Dortyart-see previous posts), but after our visit, Rotterdam was only 20 km away…Hotel New York was so close, we couldn’t resist. Voila! About the visit we can be short. It’s always nice. In summer you can strech out on one of the hundred beach chairs gathered on the grass field in front of the hotel: best view ever! And in more winter times, sky is normally clear, sometimes sunny and always windy. Great!   First try to get a table as much towards the windows as possible. beware, this is NOT a quiet place for intimate diners. Always crowd, always fun but also noisy family or friends reunions, a …