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The Embassy of food_DDW 2017

Last week Eindhoven was buzzing for the legendary Dutch Design Week. Each year we take some time to visit the most interesting designers & projects that showed their vision on the future. A must visit was this year’s Embassy of food, a meeting place for designers, dreamers, food professionals, and the public to learn more and work on tackling pressing food issues. The entire week TEOF organized a series of activities, like the Food Heroes project, keynotes and workshops and curated by eating designer Marije Vogelzang, a designer who leads the food design department at Design Academy Eindhoven. The exhibition offers an insight into how food will be grown, processed, transport, and eaten in the future, and how farming systems could change as a result of food scarcity and new technologies. The Embassy of Food created a few radical views on future issues that visitors were be able to experience and taste. In the following post, I will highlight some interesting food-design concepts on show at the Embassy of Food. Concepts and thoughts about what we might consume in years …

An Instagram look back at 2014, part 1 FOOD.

Peas with goat cheese snow at Souvenir in Ieper. 2015 has kicked off, but it happens these days that I think back about the things that were great last year. What better than have a scroll trough all my Instagram posts of 2014 and take a trip trough memory lane…. I must admit, looking at these moments, it was a good year. Why not share the best of my Instagram memories? I went trough all the great trips I made last year, the restaurants I visited, the wonderful work collaborations and the unforgettable art shows and exhibitions I went to. Here they are. It’s a selection, a best of.

Health bio food at ‚Onder De Leidingstraat’ in Eindhoven .

While visiting the annual design fest Dutch Design Week  in Eindhoven, I popped into a cute, cool restaurant slash store named ‚ ‘Onder De Ledingstraat’ where they serve freshly made bio lunches & diners. Or join in for breakfast, as there is a great choice of juices, bread with delicious toppings and fruit salads. For lunch think home made soups, organic salads and Italian pasta’s. Everyday different, biological and fresh.