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A hidden garden chapel-a life inspiration day

Sometimes you have to be in a town you have no clue about what on earth you are doing there. A town where you have no friends living, no family residents and certainly no ‘so-hip-it-hurts’ addresses…In that state of mind, walking in an unknown street, I stood in front of a closed wooden porch. I would I have walked by if somebody didn’t tell me to wait a few minute before it opened again. “I wouldn’t be sorry” she told me. So I did…The fact that I’m writing this post about this place, tells enough. Once the porch opened, there was a dark corridor, with some decoration, photographs and at the end a large glass door. I entered a small chapel. Full of light, a great smell of flowers, green and candles, beautifully decorated with all kind of greenery, objects and… a burning fireplace.At the place where the altar used to be, they ‘planted’ large trees, silver birch I’m sure, that reached to the high ceiling.I was welcomed by Jeremy,  most friendly host of the chapel, …

The social hair cut-a life inspiration day

Walking in Brussels, and waiting for my friend Bernard, my eye caught this quite extra ordinary hair salon, on Place St Cathérine. Evening wise, the salon was nearly closed, no customers, still some freshly cut hair left on the floor, and a blue-ish light in the 99% white space.Placing the clients around each other increases the social contact between them, people who wait and the different hairdressers.The concept is by Danny Venlet, not the guy on the picture underneath… He’s not the hairdresser either, but as the picture was in the window, and I liked it, here it is. savaganbrusselsplace sainte-catherine 451000 brusselst +32(0)2 502 60

70 ties über-classic Empreinte de Courreges – a life inspiration day

A re-edition of a 70 ties perfume, as it’s never been forgotten and still remembered by many… No, I’m too young to have my own sweet memories about this one, and my mum is a life long addict of YSL Rive Gauche, so , no. It’s my love for the futuristic style of the timeless house Courrèges that brought me to Paris, were the Courrèges scents were available(again). Courrèges brings back two classical fragrances – Empreinte, originally from 1970, and Eau de 1979.  

Merci, Merci!-a life inspiration day

Merci. What a great, surprising store! Not that spectacular when you walk on by the Paris Boulevard Beaumarchais, but once you entered the open court yard, you discover a world of particular original design, well curated fashion and thé absolute hip and happening brands in beauty and jewelry. Another concept store, yes but not as you know it….