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Closing day of Damien Hirst London-a life inspiration day

London. Saturday 8th of October 2012. The last days of the substantial Damien Hirst exhibition we absolutely didn’t want to miss. We waited too long, and before you know, it is closing weekend…. So we booked some (too expensive) Eurostar tickets, and headed for the UK. As for Iman it was his first time in London, he was totally excited, even we only stayed the day.

Next week we go to Damien Hirst-An inspiration story-day 111.1

Next week, Saturday September 8th, we go to London, to see ( I know it’s very short notice) the fabulous Damien Hirst exhibition at Tate Modern. I’m looking forward to see it again, and to discover new work. I was In New York September 2000 so 12 years ago when Hirst showed. Larry Gagosian held the Hirst show that moment called Damien Hirst: Models, Methods, Approaches, Assumptions, Results and Findings. 100,000 people visited the show in 12 weeks and all the work was sold. I was there, by accident, and since that day, I’m a huge fan. Full report on The Squid Stories next week, at the closing weekend of the show!