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Reflections to welcome a new year.

I’m not the only one who feels the urge to reflect on what’s ahead, when starting a new year. If you look at it, the start of a new year is just another day in the always faster rushing world around you. But it is also the perfect ‘forced’ moment to think things trough. What are my goals in life? What plans do I make this year? What do I stand for and can I stay true to myself in this marketing & perfect image ruled world I work in? It’s not easy. Off course I know the drill. I know what needs to be done. Making compromise is needed, and even moderation has never been my strongest asset, I’m getting better at it…. But I also know what is important in life. We want relevance, we want more transparency and honesty from others, we do not believe in empty stories anymore, we worry about time passing by and we know we need to focus on long, fundamental issues instead of our non stop quest …

Mama takes care of you.

As we were in Paris 3 weeks ago for a Palais de Tokyo exhibit (more about this later on this blog), we stayed a night at Mama’s. It was not our first visit to Mama Shelter , and certainly not the last. I always call it ‘a style youth hostel for adults’. Everything breaths fun, joy-de-vivre, love and care. Play is here a must, and the vibe is vibrant, colorful and although you recognize some of the most comic furniture of Starck, it’s not his usual cosmopolitan chic style.