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Li Edelkoort, the Anti Fashion Manifesto.

I always was a fan of Li Edelkoort. From the moment I heard her speak for the first time, years ago on a future summit, I found her inspirational and at that time influential on fashion colors, prints and fabrics. Her trend books were bought, also at that time, by the biggest fashion & lifestyle brands, to base their designs on for the next coming years. Lidewij Edelkoort, born in the Netherlands in the 50ties, founded the established trend forecasting company TRENDUNION based in Paris. She and her team advise fashion companies and consumer brands around the world. Time magazine named her once one of the 25 most influential people in fashion. So Li highly influential?  For sure, but I could not help myself thinking that this was a system of ‘self fulfilling prophecies’. If everybody buys your directions, it is logic that it is a question of time that these predictions/inspirations are all over the streets.

‘The Artist is Absent’ – an insider short film on Martin Margiela.

My true admiration for master Margiela is profound. I know his work from the start, although at that time I could not afford his clothes. But I know about the memorable subway station show, the covered/masked faces in every show so delicately different from one and other, the brilliant make up-time after time- by Belgium’s best make up artist ever Inge Grognard, the wigs flowing over in hair-made coats, the bedcover coat (I got one!!) and much more great stories about Martins rebellion against a tide of commercialism that gamed out creativity. Fashion became more and more dominated by the cult of personality (at this moment it completely took over) so Margiela’s refusal to claim the credit for the stardom he did not want is most remarkable and a statement in a celebrity driven world. “Martin Margiela is different to others because he never compromised his point of view,” explains fashion curator Olivier Saillard in this new film supported by YOOX and directed by Alison Chernick, which explores the career of the mysterious Margiela. “The Artist is …