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Saving Banksy

I can be short about this one: the Banksy exhibition ‘The Art of Banksy’ (last week still in Amsterdam, now in Antwerp) is a tourist trap. If you are really into Banksy, there are other options. Do not believe the hype that it’s a must-go exhibition, whatever the media or the so called experts try to make you believe. The entire setting is wrong. Brick or ‘arty-farty’ wallpaper to present ‘street-art-for-galleries’, cardboard & fake stencils plus to indispensable spray cans to ‘show’ how Banksy works, hardly any original street work and above all, a ‘street-art-for-the-masses vibe. We visited the expo (helàs!) in Amsterdam and could not get out fast enough. Compare it with eating a cheap pizza in a bad Italian restaurant and thinking that you visited Rome. Got the picture? Don’t get me wrong. I love Banksy and his work. We visited Dismaland (twice), Bristol, Calais & London, to see his work. Because let’s face it, the best place to see a Banksy is still in the street, were it belongs. It’s not easy to find some originals, …

Dries Van Noten_Inspiration walk in his creative master mind.

After a great first edition in Paris in 2014, the exhibition of one of Belgium’s most creative, loved by all ànd successful fashion designers has ‘landed’ in Antwerp. The Momu (Antwerp’s own fashion museum) invited Dries Van Noten to set up a second edition of his inspiration show and as we all know, a home run in your home town is always most rewarding. The nice thing is that the exhibition is not a copy of Paris, but a next step. With new insights, exciting inspiration work from Dries his heroes and influencers, a beautiful setting and a core selection of all Dries’ 25 collections over the years. I had the privilege to walk trough the exhibit with a collaborator of the Momu who worked with Dries personally on this show. She knew how the process evolved and how Dries was intensively creative engaged.