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Tried & enjoyed: Crab Club Brussels (B)

Hip is Crab Club without a doubt. But that’s not the reason we visited. I adore fresh crab. Reason enough? I think so.

Owner Philippe Emanuelli has Breton-French roots and chose to focus on fresh, surprising and rare seafood. You enter on the side of the restaurant, and pass by the open kitchen where a bunch of cool young people under the lead of chef Yoth Ondara (chef from the South of France with Thai-Chinese roots) is preparing the food.


Don’t expect a fancy expensive designed location. Crab Club looks more like a tiny school refter or a small wine cellar of a monastery. The entire deco is rough, concrete floors and stairs, wooden vintage tables with benches and subdued light.

We visited Crab Club with friends and we all liked the no-fuzz vibe, the ‘je ne sais quoi’ service and the ‘I did not care’ deco which looks rather poetic and 100% right. The main idea is to share the food that comes randomly on the table presented on large ‘grandma-like’ plates.

We started with a gin & tonic which was served in a large bowl for 4: to share. Great ritual guys!


crabclub_thesquidstoriesWe asked to bring a selection of the seafood dishes of the day and where not disappointed: one exceptional scallop with lemon and nuts, clamps with parsley and octopus ‘laqué’, a delicious crab stew and an entire red rascasse fish with tomatoes and olives. A wonderful mixture between Asia and the West, between sea and ‘earth ingredients. Besides the natural tasty food, the wine list is to die for.







IMG_3152We had a great night, delicious food combo’s we mostly ate with our hands and a vibrant Brussel meet France vibe. We’ll be back for more.

Crab Club is a perfect spot for a lazy diner with friends.

Make a reservation? Good luck!
There is no online reservation system, you only have a phone number to call and ask for a table. (So did we and we got in!)
Call 0472 55 46 95 and hope they’ll pick up.

Crab Club is located in an old garage just around the corner of De hallepoort in ST. Gillis.



Crab Club, Waterloosesteenweg 7, 1060 Brussel, tel. 0472/55.46.95, open every night.
No website, no credit cards.

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