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The Butcher’s Gin.

When I last visited the food fair Tavola for a client (and some extra food inspiration), I got intrigued by this exceptional product. A gin -nothing special so far_ but based on a secret herb mix, used to marinate meat, that needs to be served with the gin.
That’s more like it!
I started talking with De Laet & Van Haver and they explained the how and the why.

butchers_gin_0005_the squid stories

Legendary butcher Luc De Laet from De Laet & Van Haver created a couple of years ago a special raw beef preparation Secreto 07. This beef is a Rubia Gallega ribeye marinated by hand to make sure every spot is covered with a secret mixture of herbs, spices & enzymes, placed on shelves in a cold storage unit at 2° at low humidity.
According to the similarities between marinating the raw beef and the maceration process during the production of gin grew the idea to develop a gin based on the herbs and spices (we know that in the mix there is definitly juniper, cardamom, coriander, orange zest, angelica, iris root, black pepper) from the Secreto 07. (Great idea, by the way)
The Butcher’s Gin is a spicy, characterful gin that is best enjoyed with Schweppes premium pink pepper tonic, garnished with a lemon zest, a pinch of pepper and fresh basil leaves. And the raw beef Secreto 07 off course!

The verdict? A surprising gin, not for everybody. Very particular taste, strong and with a lot of character. Best with the matching meat, that speaks!

Limited edition for sale for 54,59£ at F&B Premium Brands.

butchers gin_ the squidstories

butchers gin_ the squidstories

butchers gin_ the squidstories

butchers gin_ the squidstories



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