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Snails: streetfood in Marrakech

Where and what to eat in Marrakech?

Visiting Marrakech without trying out some of their wonderful flavors, herbs and local specialties is a shame. This is one of the most exciting cities when it comes to authentic traditional food, that is an important inspiration for chefs all over te world. Food is sold and eaten in the streets around and in the souks. You have to get used to it, especially the lack of cooling can be an appetite killer. The habit of selling one product in large quantities is what we know as ‘mono-choice’ retail or nega choice offers. Trendsetting in Europe, a tradition over here. Also the fact that the same products are sold all in the same street. Looking for olives, check out the street where all fresh olives are sold. Go to the one where the locals buy, an ado taste some upfront, before you buy. Not only smart but your food discovery ets more excited. Once you understand how it works, you can start to enjoy the amazing smell of all the dried herbs, the huge piles …