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Kinfolk magazine on generation grey_a life inspiration story

We are a society that focuses on eternal youth. Stay young, look even younger and getting older is in a way not a desired option.  But times are changing. People all over the world are getting older, but also healthier, fitter and very active.Forget all the stereotypes about people over 60. Flat Agers (that’s how they are called) of the future aren’t defined by their age, they’re moved by their interests, passions and ambitions, just like everyone else. It’s great to see how more and more media are picking up this trend, and show older people as they are, beautiful, active and with loads of personality and (some times) wisdom.

NR° 37_ Image of the day

  Loads of commotion in “Fashion Land”! Dutch top model Ymre Stiekema, breastfeeding live, in a series of fashion spreads in the Dutch edition of Vogue (October 2013, now instore). Especially American newspapers and sites are chocked by its “provocative character” and are arguing about it in several blog-and other posts. Everyone has it’s opinion and the ‘mommy-wars’ are never far away.