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Tried & enjoyed, Restaurant Café Modern Amsterdam.

As I need to be in Amsterdam for my job (creative direction for fashion shoots), I find it always challenging to dine in good food restaurants. This can be the hot spot of the moment, or a hidden treasure known by some locals, or a classic frequented by quality seekers. If Elle/harpers Bazaar/Vogue fashion photographer Wendelien Daan (who likes good food as much as I do) and later Maarten van de Vijfeijken (Founder of creative studio “Goed stel mensen”) both recommended me Café Modern, than I did what needs to be don, I booked a table. Café Modern is situated near Amsterdam North and is from the same team that brought us Hotel de Goudfazant. (not an hotel, but a great restaurant in an industrial car park). Café Modern nested in an old bank building and has a feeling of a school refter, or a canteen of a 60 ties government house. You still find the vaults of the bank, as they are turned into a toilet area in the cellar. There is only one …

Tried & enjoyed: Volta Popcorn, a restaurant popped up in a cornfield.

Last summer I visited a most original place, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in my hometown Zomergem (means more or less ‘summer town’). I wanted to make a story about it, but as time went by, after a while I thought it was too late to report on it. Too late, and gone anyway. Just as any good popup concept: there for a short while, leaving many behind,  regretting never made it to the venue. So when I heard that the ‘Volta Popcorn’ concept was having its second edition this summer, I decided it a perfect opportunity to bring the story anyway. Volta Popcorn is exactly like you hope it to be. A contemporary restaurant, build in the middle of a cornfield, without any compromise.