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Ryanair-proof-a life inspiration story

I’m not a big fan of Ryanair. No, I don’t mind the cheap prices, the ridiculous leg space or even the so called ‘snacks’. No, what I hate the most is the fact that you can not have and a hand luggage and a handbag at the same time. 
Your handbag needs to FIT IN your handluggage that needs to fit into Ryanair’s ultra small measure rack. 

But there was great, very fashionable sollution for this annoyance. Puma teamed up with fashion designer Hussein Chalayan to create thé ultimate ‘fuck-you-bag’ for cheap-ticket-travelers….
Chalayan created a backpack-hoodie. The idea: wear a great, leather hoodie and pass the Ryanair control with 15 extra kilo’s on your back. Brilliant.
BUT, this Puma jacket: limited edition, sold out off course.
So will anybody be inspired by this design and make a range out of it? Thank you.

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