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Tried & enjoyed: Allpress, the London coffee aroma

When in London, it’s always good to have an extra day, just to enjoy ‘The City’. Always new hotspots to discover,  interesting new retail and inspirational little venues that we just love: almost new, just opened, evergreens and forgotten places…


During our day in Shoreditch, we found this no nonsense roastery & cafe in Redchurch Street. Following the magnificent scent of fresh roasted coffee circling in the surrounding streets brought us to Allpress.

We loved the outside of the building: people sitting on some outdoor benches (like everywhere in London), an open door and a very welcoming staff smiling like as you’re a good friend.


We had a delicious breakfast: a plate with smoke salmon, avocado, some goat cheese, very tasty cherry tomatoes, 2 slices of roasted organic bread, farmers butter, a soft boiled egg and a cucumber 🙂 The coffee? Great. Fresh roasted, strong and hot. An extra? The hot coco with slowly melting chocolate. Mmmmmmm…


The Allpress crowd? Really all sorts sit together on simple wooden tables: local business or gallery people, families with young children, residents relaxing with a newspaper, adventurous city trippers (the area is not crowed with hipsters and tourists, thank god). Many come just for takeaways, bringing their bike into the café. There’s often a queue, sometimes a wait for a table but who cares? The filter or espresso-based coffee is terrific and the space is chill.

The Shoreditch Roastery & Cafe is part of the Allpress Espresso group, a coffee roaster and espresso specialist, with it’s story starting in New Zealand in 1986 when Michael Allpress (yeah right, his real name) decided to chase his love of traditional Italian espresso rather than his career as a chef. By 2010, he transferred his Allpress knowledge and skills in the coffee brewing industry down-under, to the UK.

 “At Allpress it’s always about flavour … starting at coffee farms and finishing in your cup.  Our obsession with the best tasting coffee involves selecting top grade Arabica beans, using innovative roasting technology, training baristas and the expertise of our people. Enjoy every brew knowing you are in the best possible hands.” Michael Allpress

58 Redchurch Street
London E2 7DJ


©ALL photos by Kate Stockman_THE SQUID STORIES

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